Sunday Style: Haverhill Jewelry

We all have our personal style icons.  A few of my favorites include Jenna Lyons, Alexa Chung, SJP, and 13 year-old sneakerhead dudes who rock high tops like the little skateboarding bosses they are.  Go figure.

As far as people I actually know, Haverhill Leach, the designer behind her eponymous jewelry line, Haverhill Collection, ranks among the very highest.  Before turning to metals and gems, Haverhill previously fashioned beautiful creations from softer materials, namely swimwear.  They were and still are my favorite suits under the sun.  At this point, mine are a bit faded and tired, but I do not care.  I’ll wear them until they disintegrate from my body, and I’m walking around Cape Cod like Rihanna at an awards show.

Back to Haverhill.  We went to high school together.  Or, more accurately, I went to high school, wore corduroys and clogs (not in a chic way but a New England prep school fashion clueless way), had bad skin and bushy eyebrows, while Haverhill glided through classes and the dining hall looking like she fell out of her own version of a Burberry Prorsum ad.  One could say that Haverhill was definitely too cool for me.  Thankfully, she didn’t act like it.  In summary, this woman knows style.  That swimwear line she started?  Within a year, one of her suits graced the pages of THE Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, worn by Olympian Lindsey Vonn.  Seriously… What?  I have blog posts that have taken longer.

Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn wearing Haverhill Swimwear, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue,

Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn wearing Haverhill Swimwear, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Since starting a family and shifting to jewelry, Haverhill’s line and ambitions have characteristically grown.  To help elevate her line to its next incarnation, she and her business partner have launched a Kickstarter campaign– just in time for you to snag a beautiful piece of simple, classic, elegant bling for spring.  Need a Mother’s Day gift?  Wardrobe pick-me-up?  New personal style icon?

Meet my friend Haverhill.

Contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, get a timeless and elegant piece of jewelry at an affordable price, and support this growing business run by two inspiring gals, HERE.

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