Things That Send My Heart Aflutter

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’ve been reflecting on what sends my heart aflutter. Surely, there are the obvious choices: yoga, books, chocolate, my godchildren. But, here’s one kooky one for you: I heart sunglasses. They brighten my life, I swear. You can laugh, but apparently the fascination started young. I’m told about the age of 3. Most of the pairs I gravitated toward back then covered half my face (since they were my mom’s). This hasn’t changed much; the bigger, the better. I scored this pair tonight at my preferred house of fashion, Marshall’s. (Yup, I adore snagging a stylish steal). These keepers were a mere, wallet-friendly $7.99. My heart skips another beat just by typing that. Plus, they’re the perfect hue for Valentine’s Day.

Come on, friends, which quirky finds, little trinkets, or guilty pleasures do you love?

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  • Anonymous

    I love to score cheap cute t-shirts, like recently I got a very hip The North Face t-shirt for like $9.00! Those become my favorite items-I don’t know something why but the bargain cool items make my day!

  • Anonymous

    Ha! I love sunglasses too! I have so many pairs, it’s ridiculous. Right now I have a total of 5 pair in my car alone :) Glad we have that in common, I no longer feel like a sunglass junkie…

  • Anonymous

    Bubbly. Soda water. Sparkling water. I love it. It makes me very very happy. Pariet, San Pellegrino, Poland Springs, Zazz- the shaws brand name, no kidding, or just about anything out there. Cold, refreshing, and it’s good for you cause it’s water, right? My deepest fear is that some doctor is going to tell me: “I’m sorry sir, but if you ingest another bit of CO2, then you will keel over and die.”

  • Wow, that was awkward

    Sunglasses brighten your life?! That is damn funny, actually. Good one!