Issues Weighing on a Yogi’s Mind

From my earliest days as a yoga teacher in health clubs in the early aughts, I became accustom to fielding questions from students after class.... (read more)

Kicking Asanas & Taking Names: Forward Bends

We like to kick asanas and take names around here, and by that, I mean we like to kick it in our favorite asanas and... (read more)

Reader Query: I Need a Yoga Retreat!

Hi Rebecca, I recently started following you on Facebook & have been reading your blog. I find you really inspiring and have great insights about... (read more)

One Yoga Hottie Wants Heated Classes to Cool It

Dear Om Gal, I have been practicing yoga for about a year and found your blog around the same time. I really love reading your... (read more)

"Hey Baby, Nice Bandhas"

If you’ve been around the yoga block your fair share, you probably have an understanding of bandhas (the physical sensation of “locking” certain areas of... (read more)
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