At long last, it’s here.  Happy Publication Day, everyone! I’ll keep this quick because, well, I have to.  The first day of publication of your... (read more)

1 Month Till Publication: Shoveling Epic Snow and “Upping My Meds”

Yesterday marked 1-month till my publication date.  “Pub date” if you enjoy industry-speak.  Which means the next month (especially if the epic snow and traffic... (read more)

Your Very Own, Super Simple, DIY Yoga Retreat New Year’s Celebration

Some people like to herald the New Year with glittering attire, sparkling champagne, pre fixe menus, party hats, the countdown… the kissing.  And some of... (read more)

I’m Engaged! (The Story & What I Wasn’t Prepared For)

You can all text during yoga class this week. It’s fine. I’m so deliriously happy right now, I won’t even get mad. That’s a joke.... (read more)
I had this skill made in India in 2000. I didn't wear it until this photos shoot with Beyond Boston Chic in 2010.

Fashion Friday: New OG Feature!

I’m starting a new thing.  Perhaps it will become a regular thing.  We’ll see.  Heretofore, I’ll do a feature called Fashion Friday (#OGFashionFriday for those... (read more)
Schooled by Mother Nature

Schooled by Mother Nature

‘Tis the season of getting schooled by Mother Nature… Take Saturday night, for example.  I arrived home from a delightfully kooky vegan Friendsgiving with yoga... (read more)
I’m Doing It All Wrong

I’m Doing It All Wrong

I get it.  I’m a yoga person, and I reveal parts of myself in a public forum via social media and on this website. Right... (read more)
Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth

I’m a bit of a sucker for old expressions, and salt of the earth is one of my favorites. English is my mother’s second language.  Ditto... (read more)
PSA: Think Cool Thoughts

PSA: Think Cool Thoughts

While on a morning run this week, standing in the scorching heat at a crosswalk that I wished was a lot closer to my home,... (read more)
Bye, Bye, Winter Blahs: OG’s Homemade Bath Salts

Bye, Bye, Winter Blahs: OG’s Homemade Bath Salts

Thankfully, it’s been a mild winter so far, and, yet, the blahs still strike.  Your bones are chilly.  Your skin is pale.  You and the... (read more)

Style Saturday: I Heart Hats

A few years ago, after working late at a magazine in Boston, I hovered in the doorway of my boss’s office to say good night.... (read more)

Yoga Rocks the Mountain & Interview with Dave Romanelli

You may have noticed I’ve been bouncing around a bit lately, from NYC for the world’s largest yoga class, to Cape Cod, where I demonstrated... (read more)

Free Running, Beers, & Roast Beef

Yesterday, I encouraged you to eat pizza, fried rice, and ice cream (wink, wink). Today, I’m endorsing Free Running, Beers, and Roast Beef, all of... (read more)

Friday, I’m in Love: Fresh Air

I love fresh air. I love inhaling it, and exhaling it. I like it at the beach, laced with salty mist, and in the mountains,... (read more)