My Half-Assed Meditation

My Half-Assed Meditation

My morning meditation was fairly half-assed.  I didn’t ride my bike at sunrise to my preferred Buddhist center in Cambridge, over the Mass Ave. bridge... (read more)

How to De-Stress Your December

Tired, angry, anxious, resentful, distracted, withdrawn . . . The adjectives are flowing freely at my December De-Stress Workshop, after I ask the group to... (read more)

Thanksgiving Preparations: Gratitude

With one week to go before Turkey Day Tofurkey Day Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what you’ll say at the table... (read more)

Back to School, Yogis!

My pal and marathon training partner Cara (right) and I love to read.  Here we are with some of our favorite books.  Post your most... (read more)

2009: Year in Review

A few of the year’s highlights in this little yogified corner of the blogosphere . . . It started with a radio appearance at the... (read more)