Things To Skip

Things To Skip

For as long as I can remember, the beach has been a haven, a place where I feel at home. Not in a what are... (read more)
Pratyhara: Yoga That Has Nothing To Do With Flexibility

Pratyhara: Yoga That Has Nothing To Do With Flexibility

For my 30th birthday, I opted to disappear to Kripalu, a yoga and meditation center in the Berkshires.  I wasn’t hiding from the new decade. ... (read more)

Last-Minute Gifts Om Gals & Guys Love

To help you finish any last-minute shopping, I enrolled a few “om elves” to share their wish lists. I asked for inexpensive but fantastic finds,... (read more)

Reader Query: I Need a Yoga Retreat!

Hi Rebecca, I recently started following you on Facebook & have been reading your blog. I find you really inspiring and have great insights about... (read more)

It’s Monday: You Could Use A Mudra!

Plenty of experiences make us feel off-balance and ungrounded, as if the rug is pulled out from under us or we’re on a nonstop treadmill... (read more)

2009: Year in Review

A few of the year’s highlights in this little yogified corner of the blogosphere . . . It started with a radio appearance at the... (read more)

Saptah Chanting Ceremony at Kripalu

Despite insecurities surrounding my wretched singing voice, I participated in last night’s Saptah chanting ceremony here at Kripalu. The long-standing tradition is the yoga and... (read more)

Greetings from Kripalu!

Dear Readers: My apologies for the sparse posts of late. I am currently away at a yoga and meditation center called Kripalu, creating my own... (read more)