1 Month Till Publication: Shoveling Epic Snow and “Upping My Meds”

Yesterday marked 1-month till my publication date.  “Pub date” if you enjoy industry-speak.  Which means the next month (especially if the epic snow and traffic... (read more)
The Truth Hurts

The Truth Hurts

I had a feeling it would happen.  That this would be the year.  My Dad’s been prepping me for a while, about the men who... (read more)
11.11.11: Don’t Make a Wish!

11.11.11: Don’t Make a Wish!

I love auspicious dates.  I delighted at my prediction that a friend’s son would be born on 10.10.10.  (She did not; baby boy was waaaay... (read more)

Greetings from Somewhere Tropical

Consider this my “post” card to you, sent from Somewhere Tropical.  The scene above became a double rainbow moments later, which inspired (understandably) my best... (read more)

A Page from Randy Moss’s Playbook?

Today, I thought I’d take a page from former New England Patriot and recently released Minnesota Viking Randy Moss, who played his old team (the... (read more)

Fieldhouse of Dreams: Yoga Reaches Out/Global Mala Boston at Gillette Stadium

In what you might call the Battle of the Beautiful Quarterbacks (also known as the New England Patriots vs. the New York Jets game), Tom... (read more)

The Evolution of Yoga Events

When I was in college, I would often wake up at the ungodly hour of 8:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings (the college equivalent of roughly... (read more)

Om Gal Holiday Wish List

Ahhh, the holidays. Indulgence. Materialism. And, copious amounts of sugar. What could be better? How about writing a self-indulgent blog post about the material possessions... (read more)