Instead of Flow; Go Slow: Supta Baddha Konasana with Props

Instead of Flow, Go Slow: Supta Badha Konasana with Props

If we were writing the People’s History of Yoga, the current era could easily be called the Vinyasa Years, characterized by the style’s staggering growth... (read more)
Perfect Pose for a Friday: Prone Spinal Twist

Perfect Pose for a Friday: Prone Spinal Twist

Yogis of all levels love this simple spinal twist. It feels amazing. Try it and tell me what you think.... (read more)
Sneak Peek: Ibex Photo Shoot

Sneak Peek: Ibex Photo Shoot

Recently, I did a photo/video shoot for Ibex, an outdoor apparel company originating in Woodstock, VT, with its flagship store located in Boston.  The company... (read more)
If You Are Falling . . .

If You Are Falling . . .

You know the rule: If you are falling, dive.  Do the thing that has to be done. -Joseph Campbell... (read more)
9 Small Ways to Start Over

9 Small Ways to Start Over

Whether you want to change your body, clear your head, or renew your spiritual mojo, here are 9 tiny tips to create big, bright changes.... (read more)
Dancer Pose in 7 Simple Steps with Music by Lykke Li

Dancer Pose in 7 Simple Steps with Music by Lykke Li

The Sanskrit name for Dancer Pose is Natarajasana, named for Nataraja, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. This depiction of the Hindu god, popular in yoga... (read more)

Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas a Yogi; Lebron James, Not.

What a week for om athletes! First, you met Olympic swimmer Kim Vandenberg in Marseille, France.  Stunning, isn’t she? Then, the world watched as Lebron... (read more)

Om Gal Interview: Olympian Kim Vandenberg

I'd like you to meet Kim Vandenberg, a California native currently living and training in France. Already a bronze medalist in Bejing, as part of... (read more)

Yoga for Olympic Athletes

... (read more)

Bonjour from Marseille, France!

The best way to beat jet lag and explore a new city: go for a run! Since I had my iPhone with me (in the... (read more)

Enter for a Chance to Win 1-Month Membership to Equinox Fitness (Boston): Sponsored Post

It’s June 1st, which means the summer season is officially upon us like sunscreen.  If you’re hoping to debut a healthier, stronger, or slimmer body... (read more)

How Do You Know It’s Memorial Day Weekend?

In athletic endeavors, such as my two favorites: yoga and running, I mostly wear pants.  For yoga, especially of the heated variety, I find it... (read more)

Missed the 2011 Yoga Journal Conference? Notes from Keynote Michael Pollan

Let me be candid: My relationship with NYC is a complex one. I love the land of Pinkberry. I loathe the Yankees. My bro and... (read more)

“Work-Life Balance is Bullshit”

Perhaps it’s incongruent for a yoga teacher to share a post about how “Work-Life balance is bullshit,” written by former venture capitalist and current life... (read more)

Yoga Push-Ups: Dolphin Pose Variation for Strong Arms, Back, & Core

Whether you’re hoping to prepare for headstand (sirsasana), forearm balance (pincha mayurasana), or a season of going sleeveless, dolphin push-ups will help get you there.... (read more)
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