My Half-Assed Meditation

My Half-Assed Meditation

My morning meditation was fairly half-assed.  I didn’t ride my bike at sunrise to my preferred Buddhist center in Cambridge, over the Mass Ave. bridge... (read more)

Yoga Antidote for “The Mondays”

This restorative meditation and yoga sequence is a helpful antidote for “The Mondays,” the bluesy, blah feeling that can strike at the start of a... (read more)

Things That Are Green

For today’s semi-regular installment of Friday, I’m in Love, I thought I’d give big ups to things that are green, such as: Basil: Tis the... (read more)

5 Yoga Poses for Swimsuit Season

Do you remember having a favorite outfit as a kid? A prized article of clothing (perhaps a party dress or Little League jersey) that you... (read more)

A Mudra for Your Monday

Meditation is hard. If you meditate regularly, you can attest to this fact. If you don’t, you’re probably even more aware of how challenging it... (read more)