In Loving Memory: My Greatest Spiritual Teacher

In Loving Memory: My Greatest Spiritual Teacher

If you’re a regular OG reader, you may recall that my grandmother was a very influential person in my life. Sadly, she passed away one... (read more)

It’s Friday: B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bolster)

Congratulations, you made it to the weekend! This is no small feat, considering the week we had. There were tornadoes. Osama Bin Laden was killed.... (read more)

How to be An Elite Boston Marathon Spectator

Ask any runner what makes the Boston Marathon so special, and they will inevitably mention its unmatched crowd support along the course.  There are few... (read more)

Don’t Be a Gym Jerk: 11 Health Club Pet Peeves

Recently, I found myself racing around a posh health club—typically a peaceful place for me—annoyed.  Really miffed.  Possibly on the verge of going bat shit... (read more)

Last-Minute Gifts Om Gals & Guys Love

To help you finish any last-minute shopping, I enrolled a few “om elves” to share their wish lists. I asked for inexpensive but fantastic finds,... (read more)

Warm Wishes & A Cold Thanksgiving Swim

... (read more)

A Page from Randy Moss’s Playbook?

Today, I thought I’d take a page from former New England Patriot and recently released Minnesota Viking Randy Moss, who played his old team (the... (read more)
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