At long last, it’s here.  Happy Publication Day, everyone! I’ll keep this quick because, well, I have to.  The first day of publication of your... (read more)

Days to Go: Book Release & Tour Events

Holy moly, life is moving at warp speed right now.  The book comes out in a few days (Tuesday!), and I’m doing my best to... (read more)

1 Month Till Publication: Shoveling Epic Snow and “Upping My Meds”

Yesterday marked 1-month till my publication date.  “Pub date” if you enjoy industry-speak.  Which means the next month (especially if the epic snow and traffic... (read more)
The Yoga and Non-Yoga Books in my Library Now

The Yoga and Non-Yoga Books in my Library Now

Yoga is great for stretching.  If you do it enough, you can touch your toes and improve your parallel parking skills by twisting to see... (read more)