Teaching Yoga at Fenway Park: That Happened.

Teaching Yoga at Fenway Park: That Happened.

Two weeks have passed since I taught the first-ever yoga class at Fenway Park, and I still have to remind myself: That Happened. There’s a... (read more)
Road Trip to Runner’s World & VIA Marathon (PHOTOS!)

Road Trip to Runner’s World & VIA Marathon (PHOTOS!)

It’s absurdly cliche to ask, but is time accelerating?  The older I get, the more I think so.  Take this week, for example.  One moment,... (read more)
What’s Your Ideal Run?

What’s Your Ideal Run?

It happened again on Easter morning.  I set out for a typical run and ended with an ideal one: the light-footed, lighthearted, I’m-barely-winded variety that... (read more)
Yoga for Runners

Yoga for Runners and Heaven & Hell Run/Yoga Night in Time for the Boston Marathon

To most people, late March signifies the season of NCAA basketball madness, blossoming trees, and optimistically storing a heavy winter coat till next year.  But... (read more)

Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas a Yogi; Lebron James, Not.

What a week for om athletes! First, you met Olympic swimmer Kim Vandenberg in Marseille, France.  Stunning, isn’t she? Then, the world watched as Lebron... (read more)

Yoga for Olympic Athletes

... (read more)

How Yoga Will Win the Super Bowl

What, you guys don’t play football in the jungle with coconuts? It’s rumored by sources, such as YogaDork, that both Super Bowl team rosters (the... (read more)

Yoga for Athletes w/ Om Gal & Om Bro

Yoga for Athletes from OmGal.com from Rebecca Pacheco on Vimeo. Yogis often ask me if yoga practice is enough to keep fit, and my answer... (read more)