Days to Go: Book Release & Tour Events

Holy moly, life is moving at warp speed right now.  The book comes out in a few days (Tuesday!), and I’m doing my best to... (read more)

Your Very Own, Super Simple, DIY Yoga Retreat New Year’s Celebration

Some people like to herald the New Year with glittering attire, sparkling champagne, pre fixe menus, party hats, the countdown… the kissing.  And some of... (read more)
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OG Recommends: The Connection Documentary Film

They say you are what you watch.  Actually, I don’t know if anyone says that, but I think it works.  Alicia Florrick is my spirit... (read more)
Remember: just because things feel like they're moving fast, doesn't mean you have to.

Surfing Not the Web

The world is speeding up. With the Internet Age and all its latest innovations, we’ve kissed good-bye the dallying days of dial-up (thank god), snail... (read more)
Schooled by Mother Nature

Schooled by Mother Nature

‘Tis the season of getting schooled by Mother Nature… Take Saturday night, for example.  I arrived home from a delightfully kooky vegan Friendsgiving with yoga... (read more)
The Yoga and Non-Yoga Books in my Library Now

The Yoga and Non-Yoga Books in my Library Now

Yoga is great for stretching.  If you do it enough, you can touch your toes and improve your parallel parking skills by twisting to see... (read more)
The Weekend: Dance Parties, Naked Bike Brigades, & Your Brain

The Weekend: Dance Parties, Naked Bike Brigades, & Your Brain

In a single weekend, I walked through a dance party in the streets and watched an entire brigade of buck naked people on bicycles pedal... (read more)
9 Lessons From My Mother

9 Lessons From My Mother

Typically, my brother and I abide by a strict blogging and social media embargo when it comes to our mom, but occasionally, she makes an... (read more)

Prima Laugha-rina

When I was young, I did ballet, and like many young girls (and some boys), I loved it.  I had high hopes of living in... (read more)

Om Gal’s Take on Eat, Pray, Love: What’s Yours?

Eat.  Pray.  Love . . . Three individually simple and unanimously positive words that, when combined, as in the title of the book by Elizabeth... (read more)

Greetings from "Snowmasana," Colorado!

We’re doing yoga.  We’re in the mountains.  It rocks.  Hence, it’s called: Yoga Rocks the Mountain, a yoga and music festival in Snowmass, Colorado.  I’ve... (read more)

A WTF Yoga Moment

Yoga practice has the potential to change our reality.  We step onto our mats feeling one way (tired, stressed, inflexible, sad), only to discover that... (read more)

A Peek Inside Om Gal’s Head[quarters]

Blogs, by nature, run the risk of being self-indulgent and insipid. Each time I sit down to write, this reality chirps at me relentlessly. It... (read more)

Kale Chip= Fail Leads to Salad Success

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, in yoga and life. I openly admit to being a crappy pool player (perhaps the crappiest to ever... (read more)

Reader Query: Yoga for Weight Loss After Injury

Hi Rebecca, I got your email through the blog . . . Keep up the good work, girl. I’ve got a question about my health:... (read more)
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