5 Things to Know About the Night Sky

Australian accents make anything sound intriguing and easier to process.  For this reason, I think people should use Australian accents for disseminating all sorts of important information with a tendency for being overlooked.  This is not to say we should all start impersonating Aussies.  It’s best to use authentic Australian speakers to do voiceovers for things like safety announcements on airplanes, anti-texting while driving PSAs, and some sort of reminder to do our taxes on time.

My friend, Anna Whiting, a talented bodyworker from Australia, who offers healing massages and craniosacral therapy to our yoga retreat participants, is a fascinating person (and amateur astronomer, as you will see in the video above).  We’ve shared a room while on retreat for the past two years, and I adore our conversations.  After long days that begin at sunrise, I will myself to stay awake longer as we chat before dozing off to sleep.  Sometimes what she says brings me great clarity and reflection. Epiphanies, even…

Anna on a meditation walk at sunrise. 

But, then it occurred to me that maybe it’s just the accent?  Is it me, or is her stargazing bonfire talk, above, more riveting because she’s from down under?  Noooo, it’s wonderful content.  So charming and informative!  Or, possibly just the accent…No, it’s the content….Shoot, now I’m not so sure.  What do you think?

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  • Karen Kushner

    Thanks for sharing the fun facts; I spent many moons of my childhood camping outside w friends staring up at the night sky. One of my favorite songs, just beautiful is “Night Sky” by Andrew Bird. Check it out.

  • http://www.yesheyoga.com wendy cook

    So fun. Gazing at the stars by a fire on the beach. What a beautiful night. When I was home in Australia in Dec/Jan the exact moment of knowing, viscerally, that I was in my homeland was while walking along the beach in Torquay at dusk on a gorgeous balmy evening, looking up and seeing the Southern Cross. BAM! at that moment lifetimes of memories flood my heart while being in that present moment. I always thought the Southern Cross was only visible from the southern hemisphere but according to Wiki it is visible from Cancun or any other place at latitude 25° N or less at around 10 pm at the end of April. Good to know. And another tidbit gleaned: the Southern Cross is exactly opposite Cassiopeia. xo


  • Former Student

    You’re a clearly perspicacious yoga blogger :-)

  • http://www.yogag33k.com Courtney

    omgosh! That was the cutest video ever AND educational too! Looks like it was a magical night. Loved the song at the end too ;) Namaste