Reasons to Take a Yoga Retreat

Freshly returned from leading a yoga retreat with fellow Boston-based yoga teacher Chanel Luck, at Prana del Mar, in Baja, Mexico, I’ve been contentedly dodging reality, err, “reflecting” on why the trip was so magnificent today.  This activity is preferable to, say, getting a flat tire on the Mass Pike, which is how I spent my morning.  Apparently, the universe was trying to cheekily snap me back.

Sweet.  Thanks, Universe.

With your permission (that’s con permisso in Spanish and one of the few phrases I know how to say), I’d like to share my daydreaming with you, along with some of the benefits of taking a yoga retreat, for when you join us next year from March 10-17, or take a trip on your own.

1.  Spend time in nature.

2.  Experience a new perspective.

3.  Find space.

4.  Make friends.

5.  Slow down.

6.  Reflect.

7.  Meditate.

8.  Take your yoga practice to the next level.

9.  Eat well.

10.  Awake with the sun.

11.  Sleep with the moon.

12.  Remember how sweet life can be.

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