"All You Soul-Searching People C’mon!"

Recently, Om Gal had the distinct privilege of receiving a mix CD from a very cool friend who took it upon her very cool self to create a compilation of rock music that Om Gal might like . . . It’s important to note, however, that I’m not necessarily inclined to rock out. I’d count the Red Hot Chili Peppers among my all time favorite artists, but, admittedly, I’d be hard-pressed to name one song by The Clash (until last week). Sad, I know. I can practically hear the scoffing at Newbury Comics.

Turns out, my friend with very sophisticated taste in rock music, was able to craft a CD that perfectly captures the genre she loves but for a rock zygote like me. It’s amazing. From the first line of the first track (from which the title of this post was plucked), I was transfixed. The music stirred me awake and made me smile big, sing loud, and do embarrassing fist-pumping rocking-out gestures while cruising down Storrow Drive.

How is this relevant, you may ask?

Exposure to new music, ideas, activities, and people makes the neurons in our brains fire. We feel more alive. We learn. We grow. We’re pulled out of our normal routines (thank God!). We feel a little more human and a lot less predictable.

This weekend, stretch yourself a bit. Check out a movie or museum that you normally wouldn’t. Eat at a new restaurant. Take a yoga class at a different studio. Try a new recipe. Pick up a hobby. Pick up a golf club. Put down the remote. Hang out with someone much younger or much older than yourself. Who knows- something might just make you feel fist-pumping, rock-thumping, car windows-down-in-January-in-Boston, HAPPY.

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  • Robin

    OM MG! This is the best new blog I have read in ages and I’m not gonna lie, I read a LOT of them. (for work. of course). I am thrilled and relieved to have this new shot of wisdom and inspiration in my day. Now I can stop wasting time on Huffington and complaining about the writers’ strike.

    Om Girl, I need some advice, I work too much and am having a tough time fitting yoga in as often as I want. I like the 2 hr HOT classes & doing it at home has never appealed to me. Any advice for something I can do at home or office that will feel like I really got a workout, so I can find my way into a true shavasana?

  • Om Gal

    I am so thrilled to hear that you sound as excited about the launch of this blog as I am! I feel your pain in terms of being crunched for time when it comes to fitting in your yoga (Om Gal was a full-time yoga teacher at a highly visible yoga studio for years but now has a “real job”). The key is twofold; you need to be flexible (get it- a little yogi humor there) and creative. Since it sounds like you are a writer, I am sure you have the latter in spades. Now, you just need to channel that energy toward a fun and invigorating home practice.

    It also helps to invest in a spaceheater, which will help you recreate the environment of a hot class. I actually look ridiculous while doing my home practice, as I not only run a space heater but also dress in multiple layers (think: Rocky, clad in a sweatsuit, doing sun salutations).

    Another option is to do a little cardio prior to your home practice. Go for a quick run or power walk just to get your blood pumping. You’ll then find it easier to get a sweat going.

    You can also look to your sequencing to help generate a little extra “tapas” or heat/intensity. Start by doing handstands against a wall, or, if handstand isn’t your cup of tea, do a set of abdominals (yesterday’s post even has a simple yet effective move that’s sure to get your heart going). Navasana or “boat bose” is also a great option.

    Finally, keep in mind that some yoga is always better than no yoga. I always hear about people who let their practice slip away simply because they can’t set aside 90 minutes for a class. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel after 10 minutes of sun salutations, a hip opening pose on either side, and a headstand to round out an abbreviated routine.

    I hope this helps, Robin. Please keep me posted. Namaste! (The light within me, bows to the light within you).

  • yogaathome

    everyone try to do yoga, is really beneficall for your general health,greetings to all of you people, namaste