Feeling Toxic?

Three easy antidotes to try today:

1.) Practice the Buddhist principle of “right speech.” In modern terms- stop talking trash. Don’t gossip. Don’t speak disparagingly outwardly to others or inwardly to yourself. Try to avoid idle chatter (talking for the sake of talking). Make your words meaningful and essential.

2.) Drink LOTS of water.

3.) Do an inversion- headstand, handstand, forearm stand, shoulder stand, or viparita karani (lying flat on your back with your legs elevated, ideally against a wall). Inversions respresent the opposite of what you do all day (stand); you are reversing the flow of energy so that your head is at the lowest point, your feet, the highest. In other words, you are shifting stuck, toxic, or stagnant energy by flipping the old energy “on its head.”

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