At long last, it’s here.  Happy Publication Day, everyone!

I’ll keep this quick because, well, I have to.  The first day of publication of your first book only happens once, and so far, I’m positively drunk on the excitement, hammered on reality, and I want to keep soaking it in.  I feel like a Drake song.  We started at the bottom (or, the floor, more accurately)…

Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 1.39.16 PM

… And now we’re here.


Photo credit: The Best Brother in the World, Om Bro, Reece Pacheco.

Where exactly?  Bookstores everywhere, including the legendary Strand Bookstore, where my brother took this amazing shot earlier today. Amazon, too, of course.

We are also located at the precise moment when a dream comes to life.  When all the struggles and deleted chapters, the late nights and no weekends, the people who told you you couldn’t, the ones who doubted, the jobs that had to be done to make room for the life you were creating, all the parts of yourself that second-guessed, stressed, and feared… they become worth it.  They are part of this moment, too.

But, most of all, this moment is about love and gratitude and handing something over to the world, to you, and, saying, “Here, I made you this.  I hope you like it.”



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  • scunningham

    The last sentence of you post brought real, no-foolin’ tears to my eyes.

    Congratulations. I couldn’t be happier for you, love. xoxo

  • lemead

    Bravo. I love your book and am so, so happy for you today. xoxo

  • Pyszczq

    “Here, I made you this” – I love it:-)

  • HannBannan

    Got it in the mail last night and looking forward to some curl-up time. Also, have to say your apartment is so stylish! You’re inspiring me all over the place, Rebecca. Congratulations!

  • http://www.jillianpereira.blogspot.com/ Jillian Pereira

    My copy arrived last night… can’t wait to get started reading tonight!

  • Home Field Fitness

    So excited to read it! Congrats Rebecca…you’re amazing! ~Alyssa

  • Lisa S

    Congratulations – well deserved! Looking forward to reading it.


  • Judy Bender

    I am totally enjoying your book. I just began taking yoga at 62 and your book is great compliment to my practice. Thank You

  • Julie Cope

    I’ve borrowed this book from the library and taken it on holiday to read. I’m about halfway through and so far have found it the most user-friendly and inspiring book I have read on the subject of incorporating Yoga practice into daily life. I’m going to buy my own copy and recommend it to my friends. We are all beginners at various stages of wanting to Yoga forward to the next stage. This book is sheer common sense and extremely well written. It can be best described as a way to discover the inner yogi which we all are and I know my friends will just love the clear language and lack of pomposity. Thank you.