O.G. Readers Rock the Vote!

Perhaps you’ve heard the word on the street that OmGal.com is up for Best Yoga & Fitness Blog in this year’s Intent Web Awards. A few ways you may have heard this news:
1.) You’re a fan of Om Gal on Facebook via Facebook.com/omgalblog.
2.) You follow me on Twitter at Twitter.com/omgal.
3.) My Mom called you.
It’s possible you voted, too. Maybe more than once. Maybe even once a day (per the poll’s rules). If so, we can probably attribute this to one of the following:
1.) OmGal.com provides you with high-quality, yoga and fitness content that inspires you (or, at least, provides a fun online diversion at the office).
2.) My brother, Reece, the yoga bully strong-armed you into voting for me. (If so, I apologize on his behalf).
The more exciting news is that I’m in the lead! However, I need your help to stay there. If you’ve ever connected with a piece of my writing, chuckled at my antics (like the time I got naked on Comm. Ave.), enjoyed a favorite quote, picked up a new asana here or a wellness tip there, submitted and received a response to a reader query, appreciated my neurotic attention to grammar, or just plain pitied my pitiful cry for help at mile 22 of last year’s Boston Marathon, please take a moment and send a click my way.
In gratitude,
Om Gal
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