Om Gal Returns to the Blogosphere

Despite my best efforts at logging onto the Internet from a Third World country, I quickly discovered that prolific posting on was not in the cards. Nor was sunshine for half the trip, as it turns out. No matter, more time to practice this death defying dancer’s pose, on a slick fallen tree, beside a rushing, flooded river. OK, slight exaggeration there, but it looks a little treacherous, no?

Having arrived safely back to the states, with its (hallelujah!) new president, I plan to resume blogging stat- right after I finish my favorite Sunday activities: a steamy yoga class in the morning, followed by a sizable portion of my scrumptious pancakes, then, off to the grocer, and finally, to finish unpacking those wacky pink Crocs and such.

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  • Kilter

    I’m glad to have you back, for one. You’re part of my inspirational network.

  • Chelsea Gwynne

    girl, you make crocs look cool.

  • sarah

    Yikes – I can barely do dancer pose on a wood floor – and you’re looking fabulous and graceful on a “slick fallen tree”!! Amazing…