Om Gal Seeks New Intern

It’s September 1st, which means my sweet city of Boston has been invaded by U-Hauls and SUVs brimming with futons and mini fridges.  New and old residents alike, particularly of the collegiate variety, know it as Moving Day.  It’s a festive and frustrating harbinger of fall that welcomes scores of incoming students to Boston’s many college campuses (including Boston College, Boston University, Emerson, Harvard, M.I.T., Northeastern, and more) and causes lots of traffic jams.  It’s also a massive moving date for the recently graduated set (someone needs to vacate the plum apartments for all those late-night “study groups,” right?).  Among those flying the college coop is Erin the Intern (sniff, sniff) [insert hysterical sob], bound for the “real world” or, in this case, NYC.

Perhaps you’ve followed the adventures of Erin this summer.  She contributed ideas and insight to many posts on, including popular pieces on fashionable fitness apparel and cheap, health food options, attended and assisted some of my workshops, and even provided me with an earnest explanation of the buzz surrounding Twilight so that I wouldn’t be a pop culture outcast.  Now, she’s gone, and I’m forlorn . . . and likely back to being a pop culture outcast.

If you’re interested in being the next Om Gal Intern, send me an email at  It’s a fun, creative gig that doesn’t involve any coffee runs (I don’t drink coffee).  Yoga OR media experience required.  Video and podcasting skills might elevate you from intern to superhero.  Details regarding time commitment and upcoming projects available via email.

Happy trails, Erin! will miss you.

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  • juan antonio fernandez

    i have mucho human resources experience, in case you want help screening the candidates.

  • Anonymous

    U must be happy to see her grow.