Keep Swimming

My friend, Priscilla Warner, once said of finding her true love, Jimmy, that it was like “two fish swimming toward the light” when they met.  That image has stayed with me since, along with the look on her face as she said it, bright and purposeful, after decades of swimming and marriage.  I saw the phosphorescence, the silver flecked scales, the scuttling people do in love.

I was listening to a voicemail from her this week when the memory returned.  She was, again, volunteering to read some of the book and cheering me toward my looming deadline, like a friendly fish swimming up beside me directing, “There’s the light; keep swimming!”  I mean, if fish could leave voicemails.

It occurred to me this morning that all we can hope to do or be for one another, especially when facing a challenging goal or difficult life transition, is company for the swim and assurance that there’s light ahead.  I’ve had a few friends and students confide painful struggles lately– in relationships, with loss, or fighting illness.  One student, also a yoga teacher, recently shared that she felt helpless knowing her father was ill overseas.  What could she do so far away?

She could pray, I offered, suggesting that prayer need not be dogmatic, just honest.  You can hold someone in your light, in their pain or suffering, without getting caught up in whom or to what you’re praying.

Good challenges or painful ones, you can always swim up alongside and, say, look there’s some light ahead.  Keep going.  And if they don’t pick up, you can leave your friend or love a message.

Pages of my manuscript in beautiful company this weekend with best-selling author, jewelry designer, & friend Priscilla Warner.

Pages of my manuscript in beautiful company this weekend with best-selling author, jewelry designer, & friend Priscilla Warner at an arts fair in Larchmont, NY.

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  • Dawn

    Very well said, thank you! Came at the right time to remind me of how beautiful life is regardless of any situation….and that there is always someone there to help you swim towards “light” of life!

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  • David

    Wow it touched my heart .These words are always gonna stay with me for the rest of my life.Thank you soo much for sharing

  • David

    While gymming i will think of those words

  • Alexandra Tsardidis

    Sometimes we forget or don’t realize how helpful it can actually be to have support of family or friends. Just the thought of knowing you are not alone has help me deal with major and minor struggles in life. For this reason alone, I always make the effort to reach out to family and friends even if they don’t ask for it.