Book Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Greetings from Book Land, my OG friends!  What a beautiful, busy summer it’s been (nay, was, I’m not ready to speak in past tense yet).  Last week was a whirlwind– albeit an exciting one– during which I worked on some final edits, deleted an entire chapter that, while heartfelt and well-written, just wasn’t working (not gonna lie: that stung), and traveled to NYC for the photo shoot for Do Your Om Thing.

I was barely there for 24-hours between travel, dinner with Om Bro, a brief and anticipatory sleep, early wake up call, hair and makeup in my hotel room at 7:30 a.m., and lengthy shoot with lots of strenuous postures.  Still, there were many moments in which I found myself thinking: Remember. This.  You only do the photo shoot for your first book once.

The shoot itself was its own full-circle life experience because I chose my friend, talented fashion photographer Jonathan Pozniak, to wield the camera.  We met as wee 20-somethings back in the Baptiste era (I taught there, and Jonathan worked in Baron’s office).  When I quipped that we were just kids with no idea what we’d end up doing when we grew up.  He plainly and lovably scoffed, “BULLSHIT, we always knew we’d do this.”

But how much can you really know?  Until it happens?

Now that it’s happening and the book is one step closer to being in your hands, I thought you might like a behind the scenes peek at how the visual elements were made.  Tell me what you think!

A rare moment in full makeup. Let's do this.

A rare moment in full makeup. I did not wake up like this.

Photographer Jonathan Pozniak's desk during the shoot.

Jonathan’s desk. Me in headstand, on a plexiglass floor, no mat.

One of my favorite poses: upavista konasana for it's depth and versatility.

One of my favorite poses: upavista konasana for its steadiness, depth, and versatility.

photo (6)

Impeccable alignment was essential, so we scrutinized each posture this way.

Dance to the beat of your own drum. Always.

Dancer’s pose, which Jonathan makes me hold forever (because he can). [Insert his evil little laugh].

That's a wrap! Taking a breather in the comfiest chair with the person who puts me most at ease.

After the nearly 12-hour day, taking a breather in a comfy chair with the person who puts me most at ease.

That's a wrap! Jonathan and I met more than a decade ago, as babies working in the Baptiste studio in Cambridge.

That’s a wrap! Jonathan and I met about 13 years ago. This shoot was a proud moment for us both.

It felt as though the universe was with us in a powerful way on Tuesday. My book comes out on March 3rd (3/3), and on Wednesday, Jonathan realized that we’d taken exactly 333 shots.  How’s that for synchronicity!

I can’t wait to share the rest with you.

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  • Patrice

    I am really looking forward to reading your book!!