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Private Instruction & Customized Programs

Enhance performance, prevent injury, and improve your mental edge with yoga.

Whether you’re a professional, collegiate, or recreational athlete, you’ll immediately feel the benefits of supplementing your training program with asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation. For her in-depth yoga experience and extensive athletic background, athletes and coaches seek Rebecca’s mind/body approach to sports.

Rebecca began studying ballet and swimming competitively in grade school, was a top-ranked hurdler in high school, played Division-I field hockey in college, and has since dabbled in golf, rock climbing, and snowboarding. In 2009, she ran the Boston Marathon.

If she doesn’t have direct, personal experience with a given sport, Rebecca draws upon her network of “om athlete” friends, many of whom are coaches or athletes at the highest levels of competition, for insight. The result is a customized yoga practice to meet the specific needs of any sport and level of competition. For the athlete who chooses everything from sneakers to supplements, personal trainers to technology, with meticulous care, Om Athlete sessions are the best choice for his/her yoga practice.

Om Athlete experiences include individual, training group, or team sessions, as well as yoga presentations at events and races.

The practice of yoga supports the health, productivity, and morale of corporations and busy executives.

“Think of Rebecca’s corporate offering as a more accessible, economical, and long lasting version of Outward Bound for corporate teams, a sort of Inward Bound. Bringing people together, exposing them to new things, pushing them gently both physically and spiritually, making them feel better about themselves and each other, having fun, and making all that happen in ninety minutes.”

- Chris Colbert, CEO, Holland-Mark

CEOmm experiences include corporate classes like the one described above and one-on-one sessions with executives. Depending on the individual, company, or industry, Rebecca tailors the thematic and anatomical focus of each class toward helping people feel more energized, inspired, and focused in the workplace and beyond.

Bridezilla who? Private yoga sessions with Rebecca ensure that a bride arrives on her big day feeling calm, joyful, and fit.

“It was the best way to start my wedding day! I was able to wake up in my own home and after some green tea and yogurt, we headed straight for our sun deck overlooking the sand dunes and ocean where the magic began! Rebecca immediately created a very calm and peaceful setting for us; I instantly felt relaxed. Our class was completely energizing (as her teaching style is truly one-of-a-kind), but it was also incredibly meaningful. During our pre-wedding practice, Rebecca shared some of her own thoughts and perspectives on my imminent marriage, and I was extremely moved by her poignant reflections. I had time to think and breathe when so much excitement was circling around me. I quietly shed a few tears of joy and gratitude with our legs crossed in our final seated pose, and I felt a strong sense of inner peace as we concluded our time together on my family’s porch. I am so grateful to have had that intimate yoga experience on my “big day.” It was an ideal way to begin to such an important life transition.”

- Kathryn Forest Amundsen, interior designer

Buddhaful Bride experiences include one-on-one sessions leading up to the wedding, Bachelorette parties (with optional add-ons such as henna, a bridal custom in India and fun activity, psychic readings with a skilled intuitive, and mini beauty treatments), and wedding weekend classes for the bridal party, family, and friends.

Starting and/or maintaining a steady yoga practice can be difficult for busy moms. Instead of arranging childcare, finding a convenient class time to suit your needs, and driving to and from a studio, Om Mamas enjoy class at home. Classes focus on helping moms fulfill their healthy intentions, from losing the baby weight, to sleeping more soundly, to finding time for meditation in the midst of raising children.

Om Mama experiences include individual or small group classes with the option of childcare.

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