Do Your Om Thing

Yoga BEYOND the Mat Class

We like to say that yoga is more meaningful than its physical and flexible poses, but how much do we really mean it? This question was the impetus for creating Rebecca’s one-of-a-kind class at the Boston Center for Adult Education. If you’re interested in adding more meaning to your yoga and mindfulness to your busy, modern lifestyle, this is the class for you. This 4-part course focuses on yoga’s relevance beyond the mat, where the majority of our lives are lived.  Fun and philosophical, it fits any level of student who wants to spark healthy change from the inside out this summer. Sign up!

OG Speaking Engagements

To book Rebecca for an upcoming speaking engagement, please email Rebecca at omgal dotcom.  She’s an engaging and inspiring dose of health, mindfulness, and motivation for your company, conference, team, or school.  Watch her speak at the Boston Business Journal’s Healthiest Employers event.



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